You're more than what you think. You're greater than what you know. You have been creatively and wonderfully made by God. You were made to shine as a light in a dark world. Be who God says you are!

The enemy has tried to hinder "you" but the truth is God is about to "deliver" you and bring you into a greater dimension of faith. Inside of you is phenomenal power to be and do anything. Stop underestimating the power of God that has been invested into your life. "God is up to something and He will not stop until He finishes what He started in you"

Jesus has a plan for you to win in life. His plan is to use you in an unprecedented way. What the Lord will do for you and through you in this season of your life will be powerful. Stay the course! Don't lose faith! Keep your mind on Him and His promises and watch HIs Word come to pass in your life in an undeniable way. 


AuthorJames Knight