1 Timothy 6:12 says "Fight the good fight of faith.."

Today I want to encourage you to FIGHT! As a child of God you have been given the armor of God and that means you have a sword from God called the Word of God and a shield from God called faith. It's time for you to use your shield (your faith) to cast down every lie the enemy has told you and open your mouth and speak God's Word so that the sword can cut down whatever is coming against you. Fight the good fight! Speak the "WORDS OF LIFE" over your body, your home and family. Yes, speak the words of life over your money and career. Power is in the Words of God and if you will speak the Word and stand in faith, you will have fought well. The victory has already been promised to you. All you need to do is just fight. As my mother use to say, "don't you let nobody hit you and you don't hit 'em back." LOL...As your pastor I'm telling you don't you let that devil hit you and you don't fight back. In Jesus' name I'm telling you it's time to knock that ugly devil and his momma out with the Word of God & GO POSSESS YOUR PROMISE!

AuthorJames Knight