"See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it" -Isaiah 43:19

Your life is about to change forever. God is bringing you into a new and more FRUITFUL place. The place where you are going is not like the place you've been. It's much better! Hold firm to the Word of God. It cannot fail you. God is speaking. Listen for His voice. Truly He is doing a new thing in the land and in the lives of His people. In the name of Jesus Christ, your mind and perspective is shifting. Your old way of thinking is gone. Receive the mind of Christ! Walk in your purpose and pursue the dream. This is your set time to enter into God's rest. Today, the Lord says "Go IN AND SEIZE YOUR PROMISE! Your enemies are fleeing 7-ways now! They have heard what the Lord is doing for you and they are getting out of your way right now as you read this prophetic declaration. Rejoice!!!!

AuthorJames Knight