Deut. 4:7 says, "For what nation is there so great, that has God so near to them, as the LORD our God is [to us] that in all things we may call upon Him?

Today I want to introduce to you something new and that is this...YOU HAVE INSURANCE WITH GOD! Think about it, the Scripture says that in all things whether good or bad you can call on Jesus and He will be there to see you through. No matter the accident you find yourself in, you can always be restored or repaired because you have coverage in heaven in Jesus' Name. This is a promise you must never forget!

I know you may have insurance on your house or car or even health insurance through your job but don't forget something even greater than all those and that's have insurance with the Father. Jesus has paid for your policy in full. If you get sick, you can make a call. If you get in an accident you can call heaven for that too. In fact there is nothing heaven can't cover.

Insurance is a God idea! State Farm says, "Like a good neighbor State Farm is there." Can I tell you Jesus is that neighbor who never leaves or forsakes you but is right there and on time always.

Amica Insursnce company says, "We keep our promises to you & we make our customers’ problems our problems." Can I tell you that God is the first "Promise Keeper" and He keeps every one of His promises. Yes, He is the one who has said give me all your problems...for your problems will be my problems. Jesus said, "Take my yoke for it is easy and I will take what is unbearable in your life. Again I say to you, "insurance is a God idea" and it started a very long time ago with our God. Today I leave with you the words from Psalm 103:2 and it says, "Bless the Lord, O my soul and FORGET NOT HIS MANY BENEFITS." Sometimes you just need to remember what you have with God so the next time you find yourself in a rut, relax because there's no need to stress when you have the Best Insurance Policy on earth because of Jesus Christ our Lord.

AuthorJames Knight