Don’t discuss anything with a painter or a sculptor until his work is finished. An artist can be very rude if you disturb him before he has accomplished what he intends to do. This is largely due to the fact that an artist sees things differently than most people. An artist can take junk and turn it into a work of art. For example, an artist may walk by some stones or wood in your front yard that isn’t being used and see something great in it. An artist may even ask or beg you for that old junk in your front yard. Not thinking and since you plan on throwing it away at some point, you go ahead and let the artist have your junk for free.

Not long after some time has past, the same artist decides to invite you to his art show. Being a nice neighbor, you decide to attend. While there, you notice this masterfully sculpted work of art. As you get closer to study this work of art, the artist notices you and so he decides to quietly walk toward you. In a quiet and very polite voice, the artist ask, “Do you know where that came from?”

Your response is… “Europe or Asia?” “No” says the artist. “It actually came from your yard.” “Do you mean…?” “Yes.” “Five hundred dollars, please.” All of long you were sitting on five hundred dollars, and you didn’t even know it. The dogs were doing stuff on five hundred dollars but you couldn’t see the potential in them dirty old rocks you had.

God is very much like this artist or sculptor. He sees things in you that everybody else ignores. When the world rejects you, and you land on the garbage heap of the world, God notices you and He accepts you. He walks along and picks you up. And then He looks deep within you and sees a person of tremendous worth. Don’t ever let anybody throw you away. You are not junk! When God looks at you, He sees things that nobody else can see. Sometimes you can't even see what God sees but know this...You are worth so much that Jesus went to Calvary to salvage and reclaim you. God is the only true judge of your worth. Don’t let the opinions of others define who you are because they don't see the how God sees. Today, allow God's Word to be final in our life as far as who you are and who you will become.

AuthorJames Knight