Deut. 28:1 says, “The Lord (not man) will set you on high above all nations of the earth.”

Promotion doesn't come from the east or west but it comes from God. It is the Lord who blesses you to elevate in life (not man). Stop looking for man to do what only God can. The Bible tells us that if we listen carefully to the voice of God and follow His Word, the promise is a blessing of elevation. Whatever level or place you've been stuck at, it's time for you to prepare to move from this place. God is ready to bless you beyond measure. He is ready to move you into another realm of life and another dimension in your walk with Him so that the world looks up at you. This is God's plan for you but it's execution is dependent on your commitment to hear the voice of God and then follow it. Jesus said my sheep know my voice and another voice they will not follow.

Today what voice will you hear and what voice will you follow? If your desire is change and you sincerely want more because you sense there is more that God has for you...make a decision today to follow God's voice no matter what. Let nothing get in your way or even compete with your time with God. He desires more for you and for you to see that more it is going to take you giving God more of you...more of your time, more of your heart, more of your thoughts and more of your commitment. Promotion is a blessing and it is something that has been promised to you. Step into it! You have what it takes...get rid of any thought that says different.

AuthorJames Knight