Yesterday church was off the chain. Amidst all the good stuff, there was a song that was sang and it captured my heart. The line was this... "When You call I won't delay". It's from the song None But Jesus by Hillsong. I was so humbled at the desire our Lord has to even commune with us. The fact that He would call us to speak to us and be with us is so affirming. Never mind the fact that His calling is not based on my imperfections or rejections of Him over and over but simply stemming from His undying and unfailing love for me. He has the upmost confidence in Himself that His love can cover my wrong and whoo me at the same time. My Lord!!! And if that were not enough, there is an understood relationship that God will call again and again. I felt such a peace about what my existence meant to my Heavenly Father. He wants me and He is waiting for me!!!

Stop listening to everyones's perspective of God and how He sees you and find out for yourself. When He calls you.. answer. It may be through a tugging in your heart to read the bible, spend time in prayer, listen to a confirming word spoken through media, quiet time to meditate on God's revealed promises... And the list goes on. What has God told you lately? It won't always be good to the ears because sometimes He needs to correct us and set us on a straight path, but it will be good to the soul and will confirm your purpose and strengthen you to embrace that next big step towards greatness.

Taste and see that The Lord is good... You will enjoy Him more than a sweet dessert after a good meal, and that's the truth!

Matthew 6:33
Psalms 119:105
Philippians 1:6

AuthorKeymasha Knight