Today we talked about the covenant God made with Abraham, the covenant that now is the inheritance of Christians as well. It was such a refreshing truth to hear as God revealed His precious promises to us. I was blessed to know that because of God's eternal covenant with the descendants of Abraham, I can know with confidence that He will never leave me and will always love me. In case we didn't know, my faith in Christ as Lord qualifies me for the birthright of every descendant... I am now heir to the promise...He will take me as I am and bring me to a fulfilled and complete place when I respond to His goodness. If I don't do my part and I fall or I mess up, He'll be right there waiting for me to get my act together. His anger is but for a moment, His eternal loves flows continuously for me. Who else in the whole universe can keep their promise to never grow tired of your failures and your inconsistencies... Yet stand with you and believe the best for you even when you can't see it? God can and He will because He promised!

It's real to me! The favor of God is so apparent in my life. He blesses what I do and where I go! He causes me to prosper. Since I've been living for The Lord, He has opened doors that seemed impossible to walk through and has caused my children to prosper and shine. His hand is upon me and my children.

It can be real to you too! As much as I think so, I am not special and His word doesn't just apply to me. His covenant is for all of His children, for every believer that accepts His covenant. Our God sent His Son to die for your life. He doesn't stop there but also secures your life by promising to stay with you through the course of your entire journey. You can have confidence through your entire walk that He will keep you. He will commit to you and will grace and mercy you all the way to wholeness and restoration, victory and triumph!

Our God's arms is a great place to be!!! His words are priceless!

AuthorKeymasha Knight