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Imagine a church where you come as you are but you don't leave as you are.

Imagine a place where God makes His presence known and does wonders

House of Healing was founded by Pastors James and Keymasha Knight.  Today, it is one of the fastest growing churches in the Lorain County area. It is non-denominational. It is multicultural. It is both evangelical and charismatic. People can come as they are and they will be loved and not judged.

The church fosters an environment where people are motivated to take their lives to next dimension. Truly it can be said that every service is divinely charged and anointed by God. The evidence of God's touch upon this ministry is demonstrated in the signs and wonders. Weekly people are being  changed, saved, healed, delivered and divinely favored by God and men. We invite you to experience what God is doing here at House of Healing.

at House of Healing, the Word of God is communicated in such a way

that even a child understands . . .

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